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.Monday, March 30, 2009 ' 9:47 PM

maggie had her bath today!
for the first time,
she's so obedient.
mayb becos is my mum bathed her ba.
even when we drying her ,
she also behaved herself.
sat on the floor and let us blow her dry (:
she smell so nice now
gave her a treat since she behaved herself.

on msn with sister.
she drew this :

furry maggie.

maggie's skeleton.
she's so gd at drawing (:

tat's all for today.
bye readers (:

left her paws ♥

.Sunday, March 29, 2009 ' 9:21 AM

Sorry readers!
was too busy with stuff.
so didn't manage to blog abt maggie's operation.

it took place on 4th dec 2008.
to remove tat lump in her breast.
however, she has low blood.
-praying hard, hoping her operation will be successful-

sister bought her to the vet in the afternoon.
sister had to leave her at the vet and collect her in the evening.
maggie barked like mad when sister left her at the vet.
by nite,
maggie is back!

her operation was successful!
poor maggie,
she had to put on the buster
she had to take liquid anti-biotic.
i laugh my ass off when i saw her medicine bottle.
instead of having "MAGGIE " as her name.
it was " AH GOU " - meaning dog.
my sister couldn't think of wat to gave her the other time,
when she first bought maggie for check ups.
ended up , registered her as " AH GOU "

her wounds were covered with some kind of silvery lotion.
stitches will drop off weeks later.
maggie eyes looked red.
as if she just cried.
cos she was alone during the operation.

put on her favourite PINK pyjamas.
to prevent her from scratching her wound using back legs.
she slept on my bed tat nite.
not long later, she took off the pyjamas and wanting to scratch her wound!

the vet claimed tat my dog will like the medicine.
it will be easy to feed her.
but is was WRONG!
maggie hated it so much!
tat i got to use all sort of ways trying to feed her the medicine.
i used her treats at first.
and she ate it without knowing tat i put the medicine on her treats.

during her walks ,
she kinda pissed off .
cos she cant smell her places.
the buster is blocking her way.
she went back home with an emo face.

Maggie recovered totally in abt a month (:

Photos after her operations :

her wounds.
now she has missing nipple.

her medicine.

first few days with buster on.

getting better.

totally recover.
tat she sat like a human :P

tat's all on her operation story.
stay tune for more updates on MAGGIE THE MALTESE (:

bye readers.

left her paws ♥

.Monday, March 2, 2009 ' 9:34 PM

hello to all petlovers!!
im back in action!

in this post, im going to write about maggie's missing story..
not as fantastic as those fairytale story..

On 8th Nov 2008,
maggie went missing.
she's nowhere to be found..
the first thing we did was to write posters.
'cos printer was down, we could not print them.
pasted around the blocks near mine..
going around shouting for MAGGIE at nite..
the following day, i went to sch and printed tons of the poster..
same thing, we went high and low..
looking for maggie..
that nite, someone called.
claiming that she saw maggie at the park.
but she was looking for her stuff and she dun wan catch the dog back for me.
she kept saying i dun care abt my dog,
i din go find my dog.
i got so pissed off,
cos she din see me in the nite looking for my dog,
then she claim that i nv go search for my dog, and she lectured me for half an hours on the phone.
not as if she's some kind of SPY or something.
not long later, i found out from my fren,
who stay just few levels above me..
my fren told me that the woman who called me,
is his neighbour!
she's a insane woman.
she got 2 dogs.
and her dogs dislikes her.
she dun give her dog food, and her dog will roam outside for food.
i have the urge of calling the SPCA, to report abuse.
but i din..

the posters all look different..
left- i did it..
right- my sister did it.
actually there's more.
different kinds.
the last one was in chinese..
*sry no pic for tat poster*

on 12th nov..
when i pasted the first new poster (in chinese),
someone called..
he found my dog!!!
he took my dog for grooming..
and she became bald!!!
tat person got a jack russell too.
but i cant collect my dog back from him that moment..
'cos his son's gf love maggie too much.
wan to take a last look...

that day, around 8pm..
he finally called and asked me to collect my dog (:
we did not tell the person tat maggie was a dog we found mths ago.
he tot tat we had maggie long ago,
and nv take good care of her.
'cos of her matted fur.
): and he suan us.
saying tat it looks as if he is the one looking after the dog instead of us.
first sight of my dog..
totally shocked!!!!
she became very hyper too.
played too much with tat person's jack russell.
u guys will be shock too..
here are the photos :

her first nite back home (:

she definitely missed her pooh pillow

and she also missed my mum's bed

look so nake.. -.-

sleeping so soundly...

her favourite sleeping position..

tat's all for today.
stay tune for : maggie's first ever operation..

bye readers.... (:

left her paws ♥

.Tuesday, February 17, 2009 ' 6:34 PM

will be back asap..
stay tune for :

left her paws ♥

.Sunday, February 15, 2009 ' 6:33 PM

HELLO readers..
did u guys enjoy ur v-day??
on the 14th, it's not only v-day..
it's also my lunar birthday (:..
the following day, 15th..
it's total defence day..
it's also my ang mo birthday (:

okay, back to topic..
as my exam is approaching,
i wont be able to blog much abt maggie's missing stuff.
im sorry readers ):

this few days, maggie is so guai..
she stay at home.
she got a new "fren"
it's my neighbour's dog..
maggie barked at him.
tat dog had diarrhoea outside my house!!!
and they nv clean up.

some little things abt maggie.
she hate other dogs..
she think that other dogs will steal her owner..
so when she see other dogs,
she will bark non-stop -.-

i guess today she's not feeling very well.
she refused to eat.
when she nv eat, she'll vomit.
when she eat too full, she'll also vomit -.-

okay, that's all for today..
wont be blogging much these few days.

bye readers....

left her paws ♥

.Friday, February 13, 2009 ' 3:23 AM

Since tml is V-day,
Maggie here wishing everyone HAPPY V-DAY.. !!!
*sorry for the red-eye.. :P
bye readers..

left her paws ♥

.Thursday, February 12, 2009 ' 7:58 PM

Hi readers,
in this post today..
im going to upload more photos than just posting..
These photos were taken before she went missing..
you guys must be wondering..
yup, she went missing before.
but that's not the topic for today.
if you wan to know when i will blog about the missing story,
then rmb to come here often (:




BARK!!! *she's barking at my hamster.


Ducky is as cute as me!~~


she likes to sleep this way too..
as if her head is going to break anytime -.-

my favourite stick!! shoo!~

sleeping...!~ on bed.

that's all for today.
bye readers!~

left her paws ♥



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